Characteristics and care of the lady of the night (2024)

Characteristics and care of the lady of the night (1)

The plant known as Dama de noche is a beautiful shrub that has a maximum height of five meters. When it blooms, a large number of small, white flowers perfume the place, which is why many of us consider it a very interesting plant to grow in a garden or terrace. The lady of the night flower it is a wonder of nature. A work that allows us to enjoy our favorite corner of the home.

Therefore, we are going to dedicate this article to tell you everything you need to know about the lady of the night flower, its main characteristics.

Characteristics of the lady of the night

Characteristics and care of the lady of the night (2)

It is a plant that belongs to the Solanaceae family. It is considered a class of shrub that is characterized by thrive at night and give off a very pleasant fragrance. This fragrance can only be released when it is not exposed to the sun. Frequenting the care of the lady at night is quite interesting since we can increase the favorable conditions so that the plant can develop well.

The most peculiar thing about the lady at night is that she only looks at her best at night. When it is by day its beauty is null. It is a small shrub that has a maximum dimension of up to 5 meters long. Its branches are pubescent in type and are smaller.

As for its leaves, they are ovate and elliptical and tend to measure approximately 6-11 cm. Its flowers are exhibited in the form of short clusters with many flowers. Commonly we find denser branches that accumulate creating spikes and that continue until they reach the fruit. What stands out about these flowers is that they are structures that only work at night. And they are quite attractive aromatic.

The fruit is nothing more than a bulky white berry and up to 10 millimeters long. The flowers, although they are small, have a yellow color that allows an excellent view from an ornamental perspective. Although it not only has flowers with yellow hues, but some blue colors can also be found.

How is the flower of the lady at night?

The Lady of the Night, whose scientific name is Cestrum nocturnum, It is a shrub native to south-central Mexico to South America, made up of more or less hanging branches. Its leaves are ovate or elliptical, 6 to 11cm long, with the pointed apex, and glabrous when mature. The flowers, undoubtedly the most attractive parts of the plant, they are grouped in raceme-shaped inflorescences with axillary or terminal flowers.

Each flower has a cupuliform calyx, with a yellow or greenish corolla, which has the appearance of an elongated tube. The filaments are free, measure between 3 and 5mm in length, and are denticulate and glabrous. Unlike those of the vast majority of species, it opens at night, which is why they are pollinated by small butterflies of the Noctuidae, Pyraustida and Geometridae families.

Why is my plant not blooming?

Do you have a lady at night and you can't make her bloom? If so, it may be for one of these reasons:

  • It's very young: It is true that it produces flowers at an early age, but it is also necessary to wait a minimum of 2-3 years from seed for it to flower.
  • You need more space: If you have never transplanted it, or if you have not transplanted it for more than 2 years, you should move it to a larger pot or directly to the garden in spring.
  • Lack of fertilizer: pTo flower, it is very important to pay it throughout the spring and summer, for example with guano following the instructions specified on the package.

This plant has a peculiarity in its shape. And it is that it is shaped like a bell and it is another point in favor when choosing this plant to have it in our home. Thanks to the delicate fragrance that the lady at night has it will always provide a relaxing scent at night. This we will have as long as we take good care of it. Keep in mind that it opens its flowers only at night, which makes it frequented by several species of tiny butterflies.

Caring for the lady at night

Characteristics and care of the lady of the night (3)

If we have a plant that does not bloom well, it is because it needs some basic care. General care is quite simple and we only have to take into account a few things. These types of plants do not withstand extreme climates so you have to be careful with the temperatures. One of the fundamental aspects is to protect it from extreme climates. The location of the sun exposure should not be too long. We must keep it where it gets sunlight during the day and that it can fulfill its photosynthesis process so that at night it can give off that aroma.

It is essential that the substrate where it is planted has good drainage. Although it can progress on almost any type of land, It is essential that the irrigation water does not accumulate so that it does not damage the roots.

As for watering, you have to water very little. It does not require a lot of water. However, it is mandatory to water it when required, about 2 times a week during winter and once every two days in summer. It is interesting to use some type of fertilizer that is rich in iron in order to optimize its development. One of the maintenance tasks that must be done so that the flower of the lady at night and in general the plant grows well is to remove the dry leaves or when they are damaged. In the summer time you have to cut a little to prevent the plant from growing too much. It also depends on the volume of the plant you want.

Although the plant has an intoxicating aroma, all parts are quite toxic. Therefore, you have to be careful with the little ones and pets.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about the lady of the night flower and its care.

Characteristics and care of the lady of the night (2024)


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